Comprehensive HMGB1 ELISA Kits

Comprehensive HMGB1 ELISA Kits

HMGB1 has attracted the attention of both basic and clinical researchers as its association with various pathologies such as cancer, sepsis, arteriosclerosis, chronic rheumatoid arthritis and nephritis.

arigo is proud to introduce our comprehensive HMGB1 ELISA Kits for samples of plasma, sera, cell culture supernatants or cell/tissue lysates from human, mouse or rat. Choose the exact HMGB1 ELISA Kit for your research.




* HMGB1 specific. No cross reactivity with HMGB2.

* Suitable for multiple samples from multiple species.

* Easy & Fast by steps of 2 incubations and 1 wash.



Cat. No. Reactivity Sample
 Hu   Ms   Rat   Plasma   Serum   Culture Sup.   Lysates 



Mouse/Rat HMGB1 ELISA Kit




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Citation Cat. No. Product Sensitivity Plasma Serum Culture Sup.
  ARG80121 Human CXCL12 ELISA Kit 60 pg/ml
  ARG80125 Human ICAM1 ELISA Kit 0.3 ng/ml
  ARG81343 Human RAGE ELISA Kit 34 pg/ml
  ARG80101 Human IL1 beta ELISA Kit 4 pg/ml
ARG80196 Mouse IL1 beta ELISA Kit 8 pg/ml
ARG80111 Human IL8 ELISA Kit 4 pg/ml
  ARG80122 Human GM-CSF ELISA Kit 8 pg/ml
  ARG80229 Mouse GM-CSF ELISA Kit 8 pg/ml
  ARG80120 Human TNF alpha ELISA Kit 8 pg/ml
ARG80206 Mouse TNF alpha ELISA Kit 15 pg/ml
ARG80117 Human IFN gamma ELISA Kit 8 pg/ml
  ARG80205 Mouse IFN gamma ELISA Kit 8 pg/ml



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