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  • Human CD19 ELISA Kit
  • Cat. No: ARG82601
  • Reactivity: Hu
  • Application: ELISA
  • Specificity: This kit could assay both natural and recombinant Human CD19.

    No significant cross-reactivity or interference was observed in the following samples:
    Human: IFN gamma, IL1 beta, IL2, IL4, IL5, IL6, IL8, IL10, IL12, IL17A, IL18, IL21, IL22, IL23, MCP1, TGF beta 1, TNF alpha and VEGF.
    Mouse: GM-CSF, IFN gamma, IL1 beta, IL2, IL4, IL6, IL10, IL17A and TNF alpha.
    Rat: IFN gamma, IL1 beta, IL4, IL6, IL10 and TNF alpha.
  • Sample type: Serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants.
  • Sensitivity: 0.47 ng/ml
  • Standard Range: 0.94 - 60 ng/ml
  • Conjugation: HRP