New MMP7 (total or active) ELISA kits are released

New MMP7 (total or active) ELISA kits are released

arigo is proud to introduce our new MMP7 ELISA Kits for detecting total MMP7 (ARG82009) or active MMP7 (ARG82010). Both ELISA Kits are suitable for human samples of serum, plasma, saliva, urine, cell lysate and cell culture supernatant.

MMP-7, also known as matrilysin and PUMP-1 proteinase, is the smallest member of the MMP family. It is expressed at low levels in adult epithelial cells but is upregulated in a variety of disease states, including gastrointestinal cancers and multiple organ fibrosis.

MMP7 is involved in tumor metastasis and inflammatory processes. The active MMP7 cleaves proMMP2 and proMMP9 to facilitate cancer invasion. In addition, MMP7 plays a role in inflammation. MMP-7 cleaves the syndecan-1–IL-8 complex to generate active IL-8, which in turn acts as a neutrophil chemoattractant. The activated neutrophils release α-defensin for phagocytosis.

arigo offers excellent ELISA Kits to simplify the quantification of either total MMP7 or active MMP7 levels. The kits are the best solution to facilitate MMP7 related studies.

Human MMP7 (total) ELISA Kit (ARG82009)
Sensitivity: 0.21 ng/ml 
Detection range: 0.3125 - 20 ng/ml

Human MMP7 (active) ELISA Kit (ARG82010)
Sensitivity: 0.102 ng/ml 
Samples: 0.3125 - 20 ng/ml



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