About arigo
Have you noticed a squirrel hidden in the logo of arigo?
Arigo Biolaboratories made itself synonymous with
Smart Solutions using "squirrel" as a symbol.


Cell Wars in TIME
TIME (tumor immune microenvironment) is an immune environment within tumor.
Understanding the dynamics in TIME guide the development of cancer therapies.


Exosome isolation
Exosomes, the extracellular vesicles secreted by all cells,
have the ability to shuttle active cargoes between cells and
facilitate intercellular communication.


Ferroptosis & Oxytosis
Ferroptosis and oxytosis share the common pathway including glutathione depletion and
production of reactive oxygen species from accumulated iron and lipid peroxidation.


Inflammasome & Pyroptosis
Pyroptosis is an inflammatory programmed cell death.
It is induced by inflammasome which is a multiprotein complex assembled
in response to pathogens.