Besides for human, arigo’s Melatonin ELISA kit also works for Arabidopsis

Besides for human, arigo’s Melatonin ELISA kit also works for Arabidopsis

Melatonin referred as the hormone of darkness is secreted by the pineal gland. When the dark signal is detected by the retina, the pineal gland is stimulated to produce melatonin while the melatonin production is inhibited when the light signal is detected. The melatonin binds to melatonin receptors and activates Gi and Gq proteins which in turn inhibit adenylate cyclase/cAMP pathway and activates phospholipase C/IP3 pathway respectively. The downstream effectors including protein kinases, CREB and MSK1 regulate the expression of Clock genes and thus maintain the circadian rhythm.

In addition to circadian rhythm, melatonin acts as an antioxidant by protecting against mitochondrial oxidative stress and radiation-induced cellular damage. Reductions of melatonin were observed in various disorders including Alzheimer’s disease, various neurological and stressful conditions, pain, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, endocrine and metabolic disorders, in particular diabetes type 2.

In plants, melatonin is also produced and functions as not only a regulator of plant growth and development but also a first line of defense against oxidative stress.

arigo offers reliable and sensitive Melatonin ELISA kits for your research. Also, we are proud to announce that our Melatonin ELISA Kit (ARG80864) also works for Arabidopsis. It was utilized for studying H2O2- and NO-mediated defense signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana and cited in J Pineal Res. published by Dr. Lee and Dr. Back.



Melatonin ELISA Kits

Human Melatonin ELISA Kit (ARG80461)

Reactivity: Hu
Application: ELISA
Sensitivity: 1.6 pg/ml
Conjugation: AP

Human Melatonin ELISA Kit (ARG80864)

Reactivity: Arabi, Hu
Application: ELISA
Sensitivity: 0.5 pg/ml
Conjugation: HRP

Reference: Lee and Back, (2016) J Pineal Res. (PMID: 27862280)