Dopamine packaging protects brain damage in Parkinson’s model

Dopamine packaging protects brain damage in Parkinson’s model


The neurotransmitter chemical messenger Dopamine, also known as the happiness hormone, is important in mediating movement, pleasure and emotional responses.  More research has shown that it can also assist difficult neuronal conjugate tasks. Dopamine and other neurotransmitters are contained in the small storage packages called “vesicles” by Vesicle Monoamine Transporter (VMAT2). Low dopamine levels are associated with neurodegenerative disease such as Parkinson’s and recent research shows that VMAT2 function is impaired in these patients.

Kelly M. Lohr et al. found increase of dopamine release in the VMAT2 overexpressed transgenic mice. In addition, they also found improved outcome on anxiety and depressive behaviors, increased movement, and better protection from MPTP, the chemical that can cause brain damage in Parkinson's patients. According to this study, they believe that the manipulation of vesicular capacity is capable of providing a sustained enhancement of the dopamine system and suggest that the vesicle is a viable therapeutic target for numerous monoamine-deficient disorders. (Kelly M. Lohr et al. (2014) PNAS 111 (27): 9977-9982)

Research studies have shown that various genes and loci are genetically linked to PD, such as α-Synuclein, Parkin, UCH-L1, PINK1, DJ-1, LRRK2, synphilin-1, and NR4A2. arigo has the Parkinson’s Disease Related Antibody Panel (ARG30190) for the investigation of mechanism causing Parkinson’s Disease. Since not only VMAT2 but also DAT contribute to the transportation of Dopamine, arigo offers Phospho-Dopamine Transporter / DAT Antibody Duo (ARG30102) to study Dopamine transport defects associated with neurodegenerative disease. In order to detect Dopamine level, arigo provides the Dopamine ELISA kit (ARG80447) for plasma samples.


Antibody Duo


Phospho-Dopamine Transporter / DAT Antibody Duo (ARG30102)



DAT pThr53 Antibody



DAT Antibody


Antibody Panel


Parkinson’s Disease Related Antibody Panel (ARG30190)


Park7 Antibody



Park8 Antibody



Alpha Synuclein Antibody



Parkin Antibody



Park6 Antibody








Dopamine ELISA Kit



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