anti-Dengue virus NS1 antibody [SQab1501]

anti-Dengue virus NS1 antibody [SQab1501] for ELISA,Flow cytometry,ICC/IF,IHC-Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded sections,Western blot and Dengue virus

Microbiology and Infectious Disease antibody
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Product Description

Mouse Monoclonal antibody [SQab1501] recognizes Dengue virus NS1

Tested Reactivity DEN
Tested Application ELISA, FACS, ICC/IF, IHC-P, WB
Specificity This antibody recognizes monomer, dimer, hexamer of DENV1/2/3/4 NS1 protein.
Host Mouse
Clonality Monoclonal
Clone SQab1501
Isotype IgG2a
Target Name Dengue virus NS1
Antigen Species Virus
Immunogen Recombinant hexamer Dengue virus NS1 protein from drosophila cell
Conjugation Un-conjugated
Alternate Names Dengue virus NS1 antibody; Dengue virus nonstructural glycoprotein NS1 antibody

Application Instructions

Application Suggestion
Tested Application Dilution
ELISA1:1000 - 1:15000
FACS1:400 - 1:1000
ICC/IF1:200 - 1:1000
WB1:3000 - 1:10000
Application Note * The dilutions indicate recommended starting dilutions and the optimal dilutions or concentrations should be determined by the scientist.


Form Liquid
Buffer PBS (pH 7.4), 0.01% Thimerosal, 1% BSA and 10% Glycerol.
Preservative 0.01% Thimerosal
Stabilizer 1% BSA and 10% Glycerol
Concentration 1 mg/ml
Storage Instruction For continuous use, store undiluted antibody at 2-8°C for up to a week. For long-term storage, aliquot and store at -20°C. Storage in frost free freezers is not recommended. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Suggest spin the vial prior to opening. The antibody solution should be gently mixed before use.
Note For laboratory research only, not for drug, diagnostic or other use.


Gene Symbol DENV_gp1
Gene Full Name Dengue virus nonstructural protein 1
Background Dengue virus NS1 protein is a nonstructural protein which could be secreted and have been developed as diagnostic biomarker for early detection. There are several forms of NS1 including monomer, dimer, and hexamer during infection. Dimeric NS1 can be anchored to cell membranes with glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol (GPI). Hexameric NS1 can be secreted and detected in patients' blood samples (up to 50 μg/mL) or infected cell supernatants (various from ng/mL to μg/mL depend on serotypes and strains). Studies have shown that NS1 could interfere complement activity and prothrombin activation. In addition, NS1 could elicit antibodies which cross-react with host antigens including coagulation factors and molecules expressed in endothelial cells and platelets through molecular mimic.
Function Dengue virus (DENV) non-structural protein 1 (NS1) is involved in virus replication and regulation of the innate immune response. Soluble and membrane-associated NS1 may activate human complement and induce host vascular leakage. This effect might explain the clinical manifestations of dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome. [Uniprot]
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  • ARG65660 anti-Dengue virus NS1 antibody [SQab1501] ICC/IF image

    Immunofluorescence: ARG65660 anti-Dengue virus NS1 antibody [SQab1501] (1:400) were used for detecting DENV NS1.

  • ARG65660 anti-Dengue virus NS1 antibody [SQab1501] FACS image

    Flow Cytometry: Huh7 (closed histogram) or Dengue virus type 2 infected Huh7 cells (M.O.I.=1) (open histogram) stained with ARG65660 anti-Dengue virus NS1 antibody [SQab1501] at 1:500 dilution for 1h at RT, followed by incubation with Alexa Fluor® 633 labelled secondary antibody.

  • ARG65660 anti-Dengue virus NS1 antibody [SQab1501] WB image

    Western blot: 6 μg of Vero cells Infected with 1) Mock, 2) ZIKV, 3) DENV1, 4) DENV2, 5) DENV3 and 6) DENV 4. Cell lysates were stained with ARG65660 anti-Dengue virus NS1 antibody [SQab1501] at 1:2000.

  • ARG65660 anti-Dengue virus NS1 antibody [SQab1501] WB image

    Western blot: 6 μg of DENV2-infected C636 and ZIKV-infected C636 cell lysates stained with ARG65660 anti-Dengue virus NS1 antibody [SQab1501] at 0.5 μg/ml dilution.

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Sample:Dengue virus type 2 (strain 16681) infected monocyte cells (M.O.I.=10)

Cell Number/Concentration:1x10E6

Primary Antibody Dilution Factor:1:1000

Primary Antibody Incubation Time:1hr

Primary Antibody Incubation Temperature:4 ºC

Conjugation of Secondary Antibody:AlexaFluor488

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