arigo Unique ELISA Kit

arigo Unique ELISA Kit

Hormones & Biogenic Amines ELISA Kits

Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis
The gut-brain axis is the study of bidirectional signaling that occurs between microbiota in the gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system. It has been shown that this relationship plays important role in maintaining healthy brain functions by regulating anxiety, pain, cognition and mood. The gut microbiota communicates with the brain through different chemicals, including cytokines, hormones, peptides and neurotransmitters. The study of gut-brain axis offers new hope for developing therapeutic strategies to combat brain disorders by altering gut microbiota.


Target arigo Cat. Sensitivity
5-HIAA ARG80441 0.17 mg/l
Adrenaline ARG80445 0.25 ng/ml
Cortisol ARG80630 2.5 ng/ml
Dopamine ARG80447 1.9 pg/ml (plasma)
GABA ARG80451 49 ng/ml (urine)
Glutamate ARG80453 0.3 µg/ml
FSH ARG80844 0.856 mIU/ml
LH ARG80850 1.27 mIU/ml
Melatonin ARG80461 1.6 pg/ml
Metanephrine ARG80465 17 pg/ml
Noradrenaline ARG80472 0.04 pg/ml (plasma)
Normetanephrine ARG80476 23 pg/ml
Neuropeptide Y ARG80934 0.09 ng/ml
Progesterone ARG80657 0.04 ng/ml
Serotonin ARG80480 6.2 ng/ml
Tryptophan ARG80483 1.2 µg/ml
VMA ARG80484 35 ng/ml

Melatonin ELISA Kit (ARG80461)

Sensitivity : 1.6 pg/ml
Sample Type : Serum, Plasma
Assay Range : 3.5 - 337 pg/ml

Blood Coagulation Cascade ELISA Kits

Target arigo Cat. Reactivity
Factor XII ARG81113 Human
Factor IX ARG81109 Human
Factor VII ARG81111 Human
Fator Vlll ARG81110 Human
Factor X ARG81115 Human
Factor X ARG81119 Mouse
Prothrombin ARG81117 Human
Prothrombin ARG80938 Mouse
Thrombin Antithrombin Complex ARG81118 Human
Fibrinogen ARG81081 Human
Fibrinogen ARG81082 Mouse
Fibrinogen ARG81085 Rat
Plasminogen ARG81078 Human
Plasminogen ARG80937 Mouse
Plasmin Antiplasmin Complex ARG81123 Human
Antiplasmin ARG81079 Human
Antiplasmin ARG81080 Mouse
tPA ARG81063 Human
uPA ARG81070 Human
PAI-1 ARG81052 Human
Prekallikrein ARG81116 Human