HMGB1 ELISA Kit for your research

HMGB1 ELISA Kit for your research

HMGB1, also known as amphoterin, is secreted from activated dentric cells, macrophages and apoptotic cells. It is also released by injured or necrotic cells associated with collapsing cell structures.

HMGB1 is a multifunctional protein with various roles in different cellular compartments. In the nucleus, HMGB1 acts as a DNA-binding protein for gene transcription, gene regulation and DNA repair. In the cytosol, HMGB1 induces autophagy by interacting with Beclin-1 which results in dissociation of Beclin-1-Bcl-2 and subsequent induction of autophagy. In the extracellular compartment, fully reduced HMGB1 released by necrosis acts as a chemokine, it interacts with CXCL12 to trigger CXCR4 activation which results in leukocyte recruitment. The actively secreted disulfide HMGB1 functions as a cytokine, it acts as a ligand for RAGE, TLR-2 and TLR-4 thus activating the signal pathways and the following inflammation responses. Sulfonyl HMGB1 released from apoptotic cells is neutralized by reactive oxygen species (ROS)-dependent oxidation and thus promoting immunological tolerance.

HMGB1 has attracted the attention of both basic and clinical researchers as its association with various pathologies such as cancer, sepsis, arteriosclerosis, chronic rheumatoid arthritis and nephritis. arigo is proud to introduce our new sandwich ELISA kit for HMGB1. It’s an excellent solution to determine HMGB1 levels in plasma and cell culture supernatant.


Human HMGB1 ELISA Kit (ARG81185)

* HMGB1 specific. No cross reactivity with HMGB2.
* Available for determining HMGB1 levels on samples of plasma and cell culture supernatant.

Sensitivity: 0.3 ng/ml
Assay range: 0.3125 - 20 ng/ml

HMGB1 Antibodies

HMGB1 antibody

HMGB1 antibody [SQab1711] (ARG65863)

HMGB1 antibody