Fight microcephaly with arigo

Fight microcephaly with arigo

A good model for the study of microcephaly is important. Qian et al. describe a method to generate cerebral organoids by culturing human iPSCs under specific conditions that can self-assemble to form 3D-aggregates of neural cells. Cerebral organoids resemble brain tissue and that can be a good model for human cortical development.

By examining the effects of ZIKV infection on forebrain organoid growth, Qian et al. found that ZIKV infection induced proliferation deficits in NPCs and increased cell death and decreased VZ and neuronal layer thickness (a feature associated with microcephaly).

arigo accelerates study of ZIKV-caused microcephaly by providing excellent antibodies for the study of cortical development.

Choose the best Zika virus antibodies


Cortical Development

Nestin antibody [4D11]
(ARG52345, Mouse mAb)

SOX2 antibody
(ARG53586, Rabbit pAb)

PAX6 antibody
(ARG55239, Rb pAb)

Nestin antibody [SP103]
(ARG53358, Rabbit mAb)

Sox2 antibody [SP76]
(ARG53588, Rabbit mAb)

Tuj1 antibody [TU-20]
(ARG62683, Mouse mAb)


Histone H3 pS10 antibody
(ARG51679, Rabbit pAb)

Ki67 antibody [SP6]
(ARG53222, Rabbit mAb)

BrdU antibody [MoBu-1]
(ARG63121, Mouse mAb)
Cell Death

Caspase-3 antibody
(ARG65765, Rabbit pAb)

PARP (cleaved) antibody
(ARG20041, Rabbit pAb)

Caspase-9 antibody
(ARG54155, Mouse mAb)


Qian, X. et al. (2016) Brain-region-specific organoids using mini-bioreactors for modeling ZIKV exposure. Cell. 165:1238-54.